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Technical support

Customize the best blow molding process program according to your products, offer a complete set of mold design, and ensure that the cap (injection mold) is seamlessly matched with the bottle (blow molding).


High quality automatic blow molding machine

Currently, Baxing Machinery manufactures the following main products: BenCheng series automatic, manual and semi-automatic two-step blow molding machine .


Customer Training

Before the delivery of the blow molding machine or at the beginning of delivery, BenCheng ’s professional technicians will conduct a comprehensive.


After-sales services

BenCheng recruits experienced blow molding machine engineering and technicians and provides timely, professional and efficient after-sales service.


China's High-end Supplier of Linear Bottle blowing machine Industry

PET/PP packaging solutions and blow molding technology manufactures two-step hollow blow molding machine characterized with

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